Aqua Flo Gen Series Domestic UV Systems

Aqua Flo Gen 6.jpg

Aqua Flo Gen 6 Series

The Gen 6 Series is our most advanced UV system. It's the ideal system for home and business owners who have problem water that must be treated before it's used. The Gen 6 comes equipped with a sensor system that will set off an alarm if there is a lamp failure or if low UV conditions are detected. An optional solenoid module will automatically shut off the water supply immediately after the alarm is set-off.  

The Gen 6 Series can service flow rates between 2.4 GPM and 31 GPM and has a 9,000 hour lamp life. The high capacity Gen H6 models service flow rates between 3 GPM and 31 GPM and have a 10,000 hour lamp life.

Aqua Flo Gen 5.jpg

Aqua Flo Gen 5 Series

The Gen 5 Series is a high quality, reliable UV system that's made more affordable by offering both the sensor system and solenoid module as optional add-ons. These systems are perfect for customers who aren't ready to invest in a sensor/shut-off system but want the ability to add it down the road.

Our Gen 5 Series Models are also available in whole home systems that combine UV disinfection with sediment and/or carbon pre-treatment filters to improve the taste, smell and clarity of your water.

Aqua Flo Gen 4.jpg

 Aqua Flo Gen 4 Series

The perfect blend of quality and affordability, the Gen 4 Series is a great entry level UV system for home and business owners who don't need a monitoring and shut-off systems.  It's loaded with features like a lamp life monitor, 9,000 hour lamp life and reliable, industry proven low pressure coated UV lamps.

The Gen 4 series models can service flow rates between 1.6 and 16 GPM. The high capacity Gen H4 models can service flow rates between o.8 and 8 GPM.