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Commercial Water Treatment Webinar:
Recorded Sessions Now Available


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Our webinar series will give you the foundation you need to capitalize on opportunities in the commercial water conditioning market. Now, you can watch these 60 minute sessions at your convenience by accessing the recorded sessions.

Session 1: Commercial Water Treatment 101 - Equipment, Opportunities and Sizing
Session 2: Responsive Flow Technology - learn how multi-tank systems are the future of commercial water softening
Session 3: Opportunities in Hotels, Car Washes, Restaurants & Assisted Living
Session 4: System Set-up and Programming. A Guided Step-by-step installation of a commercial softener system.

 Water Conditioning Products for Independent Water Dealers

Innovative products that your customers will love and will improve your bottom line


The H.E.R.O. wastes virtually no water with over 99.9% recovery.

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Our Responsive Flow Multi-Tank Systems can save your clients up to 50% of their annual operating costs.

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Our patent pending Tank Mate allows raw water to receive two treatments in one pass.

Industry Leading Customer Service

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 Customer Service, at your service

Our Customer Service Team & Commercial Engineering Group have more than 250 years of combined industry experience. We work with your wholesaler to provide you with the best products and support in the industry.

From installation through servicing, we’re here to answer all your questions. Your team of water conditioning experts are only ever a 1-800 call away.

 Tech Tips

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Chlorination Systems Resource Page

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Chlorine is highly effective in destroying microorganisms in water. It is also a powerful oxidizer used to precipitate various contaminants in water.

With the introduction of the chemical free iron filter and ultraviolet, the number of chlorination applications has been reduced. However, there are still cases where a full-line chlorination system is the best solution for some water problems. Information is available concerning the alternate use of hydrogen peroxide for specialty applications.

This article will take you through the application for chlorination as well as the calculations to properly size a system.

 Commercial Products

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Offer your business and commercial customers a significantly higher Return-On-Investment (R.O.I.) using Canature WaterGroup High-Efficiency Products. 


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  Fifty years of manufacturing industry-leading, water conditioning products backed by expert support.

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  • Leading High-Efficiency Technology

  • 1.2 million sq ft State-of-the-Art Mfg Facility

  • ISO9001:2008 Quality Assurance Certified

  • ISO14001:2004 Environmental Mgmt Systems

  • World Class Testing Laboratory

  • Consumer Driven Features That Set You Apart

  • Largest Field Sales Force in North America

  • Customer Service Team Averaging 20+ Years

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