Aqua Flo Gen 5 Series Domestic UV Systems

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The Gen 6 Series is our most advanced UV system. It's the ideal system for cottage, acreage and rural home owners and business owners who have problem water that must be treated before it's used.


UV technology provides additional security for your water supply. It is proven to control  microbiological (bacteria and virus) issues in water including E.coli, Cryptosporidium and Giardia Lamblia without the use of chemicals.


All Gen 6 models come equipped with a sensor system that will set off an alarm if there is a lamp failure or if low UV conditions are detected. For customers who wanted added assurance that untreated water will never reach their taps, faucets or fixtures, the optional solenoid module can be added at any time to automatically shut off the water supply immediately after the alarm is set-off.  

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Gen 5 Spec Sheet
# 80157005

Gen H5 Spec Sheet
# 80157006

Gen Series UV Manual
# 9910094

UV Warranty
# 80150348

Gen 5 UV Combination Systems

Our Gen Series UV Rack Systems give home, cottage and business owners the ability to combine the disinfection powers of UV with sediment and/or carbon pre-treatment filters that improve the performance of the UV system as well as the taste, smell and clarity of your water.

Gen 5-8R1 Filter Rack Spec Sheet # 80157009

Gen 5-8R12 Filter Rack Spec Sheet # 80157009

Gen H5-13R2 Filter Rack Spec Sheet # 80157009

Gen H5-13R22 Filter Rack Spec Sheet # 80157009