High Efficiency Dual Pass
HEDP Softening System


On very hard water supplies (> 75 Gpg), it’s common for hard water to “slip” through the system to your taps and appliances.

The High-Efficiency Dual Pass (HEDP) Water Softener uses a two tank system to prevent this problem.

The first tank acts as the workhorse by significantly reducing the water hardness. The second tank acts as a ‘polisher’ and prevents slippage as the overpowering high hardness condition has been significantly reduced.

This also increases the contact time with the softening resin meaning more consistent, softer water. Salt efficiency is even more important on high hardness situations.

The WaterGroup HEDP offers salt-efficient reverse flow regeneration with precision brining for ultimate salt savings.

Choose the Valve that fits your project.

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Reverse Flow Regeneration
with Precision Brining

Traditional "downflow" softeners deplete the unused portion of the resin bed with every regeneration. It is like draining the gas tank in your car before you fill it up! "UpFlow Regeneration" drives the hardness minerals up through the already depleted resin and out to the drain - saving both salt and the unused portion of the resin for future use.

Precision brining saves additional salt by pre-making only 70% of the brine. Just before regeneration, the computer calculates the precise amount of brine top-up needed to regenerate only the depleted resin saving up to 30% more salt.

Upflow Regeneration is available on the 89 and 785 Series HEDP models.

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HEDP Spec Sheet
# 80153039

Assembled System Warranty # 80150345

HEDP Manual
# 54607-1