Control Valves

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Hydrotech offers a variety of control valves to suit every need. All valves are NSF certified.

  • 89 series - our highest efficiency control valve with 1” porting for softeners and filters up to 18”. Features upflow regeneration technology and adjustable backwash frequency.

  • 785 series - the same high efficiency technology as our 89 series but with 3/4” porting. Choose upflow or downflow regeneration technology based on the needs of your projects.

  • 565 series - combines efficiency and value with simple electronics, programming and diagnostics.

  • 765 series - our most affordable valve. The 765 features user friendly electronics with minimal programming requirements.

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89 Control Valve Spec Sheet

785 Control Valve Spec Sheet

565 Control Valve Spec Sheet

765 Control Valve Spec Sheet