Aqua Flo® UV ADDON Series

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Designed to be an easy addition to water treatment systems that require UV disinfection (RO systems, holding tanks, water dispensers, recirculating systems, and more), the Aqua Flo UV ADDON Series is available in a 1 GPM or 3 GPM flow rate. 

The systems are made with a 304 grade stainless steel body with a molded head that includes 3/8" quick connect fittings on the inlet/outlet. This versatile system includes a heavy duty mounting bracket but will also fit standard 2" RO mounting clips. The UV ADDON Series can be used almost anywhere and is equipped with a unique power supply that makes installation simple, space requirements minimal and lamp changes easy. 


  • affordable

  • compact size

  • reliable

  • 3/8" quick connect fittings

Aqua Flo Products are lightweight, easy to use, simple to maintain and will provide you with clean, disinfected drinking water for years to come.

These systems are for the supplemental treatment of disinfected drinking water which has been treated or other drinking water which has been tested and deemed acceptable for human consumption by the state or local health agency having jurisdiction.


UV Add onSpec Sheet
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UV Manual
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UV Warranty
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