Stenner Feed Pump.jpg

Chemical Feed Pumps & Accessories

Reliable, high quality pumps and accessories you can count on:

  • Stenner Pumps 45 Pump Series Single Head Adjustable Rate

  • Stenner Pumps 85 Pump Series Single Head Adjustable Rate

  • Stenner Pump Control Module

  • Flow Switch (Low Flow Rate - SPDT)

  • PulasFeeder Kopkit

  • Water Meters

Flexwave Retention Tank.jpg

Mixing and Retention Tanks

  • Flexcon FlexWave is the perfect choice for storage or pressurized air over water contact. Designed and manufactured for long lasting performance, durability, and to stay corrosion free inside and out, the Flexwave delivers taste and odor free water.

  • Flexcon Mix Master ensures uniform mixing and sufficient residence time to meet the contact time standard set by most health agencies in the United States. One tank does the work of three normal tanks, saving you space and equipment costs.

RO Storage Tank.jpg

PAE Metal RO Storage Tanks

Why wait for Reverse Osmosis water, when you can have it ready and waiting? RO storage tanks deliver stable and constant water flow when the faucet is opened.


Pro Chemicals provides a diverse portfolio of water softener cleaners designed to clean, restore and maintain the life of water softeners.

Sani-System is the only EPA & NSF approved sanitizer for use in water softeners and reverse osmosis units. It’s proven to kill 99.99% of harmful bacteria without the use of chlorine, oxidizers or acids that can harm system equipment parts and resin.

Spectrum Test Kit.jpg

Hach and Spectrum Test Kits

Spectrum kits available only in the US.

Mazzei Injector.jpg

Mazzei Injectors and Mattson Eductor

Mazzei injectors are high-efficiency, venturi-type, differential pressure injectors with internal mixing veins. Mazzei injectors are extremely efficient, requiring only minimal pressure differential between the inlet and outlet sides to initiate a vacuum at the suction port.

The Mattson/Witt K7225 Eductor is used for iron removal in combination with an aeration tank and backwashable filter.

Tubing & Fittings.jpg

John Guest Tubing and Fittings

John Guest is a global leader in plastic push-fit fittings and pipe. We offer their:

  • Quick Connect fittings for tube sizes 1/4" O.D. to 1/2" O.D.,

  • Polypropylene Shut-off Valves for tube sizes 1/4" O.D. and 3/8" O.D., and

  • Tubing made from FDA compliant materials and is NSF International Standard 51 & 61 certified.

Flow Switch.jpg

Flow Switch (Low Flow Rate – SPDT)

For use on liquid lines using water, ethylene glycol solutions, or other liquids not corrosive to the brass or phosphor bronze parts. The SPDT contact switch is activated by a low flow rate; however, it has a large flow capacity with a minimum pressure drop.

CWG Service Part Kit Icon.jpg

Water Conditioning Equipment Service Part Kits

We have made it easy and convenient for you to service and repair popular brands of water conditioning equipment. Our kits include all the most common service repair parts for each manufacturer. All kits include an itemized reorder form so you can keep your kits current.